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Steven Clark webmaster at
Wed May 3 01:49:07 PDT 2000

Hi all,

I also wanted PAM on my system and finally got it to compile...
Now I would like to make clear that I haven't actually started compiling 
any apps to support PAM yet but will be working on getting different progs 
to use it soon time permitting ( Exam time in school :(((   )

Files needed

Install Instructions
NOTE: All explanations are what have been done to the fixed versions, apply 
them only if you have already downloaded the other packages which need a 
little help to compile. If you download the fixed versions just do the 
stuff after the install:

Unpack cracklib-files

Install:        cp usr/include/* /usr/include
         cp usr/lib/* /usr/lib
         cp usr/sbin/* /usr/sbin

Unpack pwdb-0.61
         I searched all over the net for this
         since some modules that come with pam
         need its lib libpwdb.

         Got it from a Redhat 6.2 SRPM

         I had to add a couple of missing header files
         to this tar file from my old redhat 6.2.

         Missing header files were

         Install: make
                      make install

Unpack Linux-PAM-0.72
         rm default.defs
         ln -s defs/linux.defs default.defs

         Edit default.defs ARCH=i586
         Change to your arch type if you want optimizations

         Edit modules/pam_mkhomedir/Makefile
         $(LD_D)  -o $@ $(LIBOBJD) $(LINKLIBS) -lpam
                 Remove the -lpam
         Line should look like this
         $(LD_D)  -o $@ $(LIBOBJD) $(LINKLIBS)

         Edit modules/pam_unix/Makefile
         $(CC) -o $(CHKPWD) $^ $(LDLIBS)
                 Add -lcrypt to it after $(CHKPWD)
         Line should look like this
         $(CC) -o $(CHKPWD) -lcrypt $^ $(LDLIBS)

         Install: If you aren't running a pentium cpu you better edit the 
default.defs file ARCH var for your system.
                      make install

         Note: Say yes to create /etc/pam.conf

Hopefully these changes will get PAM to compile on your system if you have 
been trying to get it going.
I would like to know if postings on getting different programs to work with 
PAM shouldn't be posted to the mailing list and just to the individuals 
that are interested in them?

For now take it easy....

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