can't find whatis link

Robert Briggs rbriggs at
Mon Mar 27 03:58:47 PST 2000

Bingo.  That's the link....

There is actually a newer version, "man-1.5h1.tar.gz" available at
that site, but I used the version in the above link last time and
had no problems.

===bob briggs

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> > As I recall, I originally found the link by downloading the 
> "mandrake
> > cooker" source RPM, unpacking it, and looking in the README 
> file- which led
> > me to the current distribution site.  I've since blown away 
> my old LFS in
> > preparation for a clean start with the new one, and managed 
> to lose my
> > original message as well...  Sigh.....
> > 
> > ===bob briggs
> i just did a grep on the mail archives came up with 6 
> messages using the
> word "whatis".  first one is dated Mar 12, 17:24.
> you can get the whole message from my archive at 
>, but
> here is a cut of it below.  if this is not it, i'll try again.
> paul jensen
> ---------------------------------------------------------------
> Looks like most other vendors have gone away from using man_db and
> now use a "whatis" database....   Maybe we should consider 
> installing an
> different package....
> man-1.3, man-1.4* and man-1.5* were released by Andries Brouwer (<A
> HREF="MAILTO:aeb at">aeb at</A>).
> I still maintain this program. The current version is usually found
> in .
> In man-1.5 Richard Verhoeven's man2html was added, together with
> some scripts by Michael Hamilton. This html stuff is still alpha
> (but it works - no negative reports so far).
> There is a very different man program, also derived from
> John Eaton's original version (by Graeme W. Wilford)
> distributed under the name man_db, with version numbers
> like man_db-2.3.10.  Do not confuse the two, they are
> mutually incompatible, although they perform nearly the same job.
> The quick installation goes in three steps:
>     1. configure -default
>     2. make
>     3. make install
> This should suffice for most people. The defaults are:
>    Only English man pages, no message catalogs, man not suid,
>    handle compressed man pages, compress cat pages, create cat pages
>    whenever the appropriate directory exists,
>    follow FSSTND by putting cat pages under /var/catman provided that
>    that directory exists.
> ===bob briggs

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