Gerard Beekmans glb at dds.nl
Wed Mar 22 06:04:41 PST 2000

> Gerard and others:
> > > I noticed this seeming typo: at the end of 7.2.15, it reads "cp mount
> > > umount $LFS/bin", however, at the very beginning of 7.3, it reads
> > > "/sbin/mount -n -o remount,rw / /". One these has to be changed. No?
> >
> > the /sbin one has to be changed. thanks ;)
> I suspect that you -- Gerard -- have probably already noticed this, but in
> 7.3.1, I think that "$LFS" needs to be dropped in "mkdir
> $LFS/usr/src/gcc-build; cd $LFS/usr/src/gcc-build".

Actually it doesn't matter to include the $LFS part. That way it's
certain that the gcc-build (and glibc-build) directories are created in
$LFS/usr/src The howto says to unpack source files in $LFS/usr/src, but
when I simply say 'create the glibc-build directory' people will with no
doubt be confused. a $LFS/usr/src/glibc-build doesn't allow confusion
(at least I hope so)
> Query: why is gcc-2.95.2 installed twice: once in 7.3.1 and once in
> 7.3.21? By the way, the same remark as above applies to 7.3.21.


i moved it from 7.3.21 to 7.3.1..guess i forgot to actaully remove it
from it's original position. Thanks again.

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