What happened to ginstall?

Gerard Beekmans glb at dds.nl
Sat Mar 11 13:22:37 PST 2000

> I presume that a symlink is needed for 'ginstall' from 'install' since
> Fileutils wants to run /usr/bin/ginstall.
> I can't find anything in the V2 version which mentions this, only the
> old reference to 6.1.4 in V1.

ginstall wasn't needed. The reason I included ginstall was the fact that
V1's method of gcc required ginstall. But the new gcc does it correctly
now and used the 'install' program as it should. So the ginstall
symlink was rendered obsolete, and thus removed from the HOWTO. I
haven't come across a package that requires this. I'm going to install X
system stuff on LFS tomorrow. I don't recall it having that bug and
wanting to use ginstall, but I'll make sure by installing X tomorrow.

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