login problem

Brett generica at email.com
Mon Jun 26 16:37:15 PDT 2000


I'm also having the same problem.
Right now I have the lfs system installed with 2 kernels,
2.4.0-test2, and 2.2.14 (yes yes, i'm waiting for .17, ok?)
Like the person who posted, I can't log in with 2.4, only with 2.2.

The response originally was that shadowing doesn't work with the 2.3/4
series.  So why is this ?  What can we do.  The machine I'm posting from
is using 2.4 and shadowing, so why is it different for the lfs system ?

The questions below don't really apply, as the system works fine with the
other kernel, and i'd hazard a guess that the other guy with the problem's
system is fine in those regards too...

so any ideas on what we can do to get 2.4 working ?
besides getting rid of all the shadowing...


	/ Brett

On Mon, 26 Jun 2000, Dean Feldpausch wrote:
> Just a couple of ideas, that might cause a stumble.
> 1.)  Check inittab again.
> 2.)  Make sure paths are set correctly.  Some distro's put full paths in
> inittab.
> 3.)  Check compliation of Sysvinit and bash.
> 4.)  Make sure that config files are not dos text.  In vi do a :se
> fileformat=unix then :wq!
> 5.)  Check the format of /etc/passwd
> 6.)  Check nsswitch.conf. Make sure it points to files.
> >
> > I am running linux-2.2.99-pre9. (which kicks ass cause it supports my HPT366
> > AND SB LIVE!!)
> >

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