Partitioning Suggestions?

Georg Wilckens wilckens at
Fri Jun 23 01:49:32 PDT 2000

On Thu, Jun 22, 2000 at 03:18:53PM -0400, Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> >    I'm interested in hearing anyone's recommendations on partitioning this
> > drive. Idealy I'd like (and assuming I'm successful) build the LFS system
> > and then (when things are working) remove Mandrake completely. 
> I don't recommend anything when it comes to partitioning, but I can tell
> you how I have done it. The book just assumes a single partition for the
> sake of simplicity.
> I have a 100M / partition, a 2GB /usr partition, a 250M /home partition
> that's shared between all Linux systems (LFS1, LFS2, RedHat, others), a
> 100M swap partition shared between all Linux systems and a 2GB /usr/src

And then you want to compile packet whatever-5.3.1 and compiling fails
because there's "no more space left on device". Hmm... So you move
everything to /usr2/src. Same problem. /usr3/src? All full.. Now we
have a total of 1 GB of free space scattered across partitions and
can't use it because we need one big chunk.

What if /home fills up? Mine's about 2.2G right now for a single-user
system. You can't just create /home2 and continue...

Also replacing old libraries can become a pain if you have /usr/lib,
/usr2/lib, ...

> partition. I could create a 5GB /usr partition or even a 10GB one but I
> don't need that much space yet. I'm one of those guys who allocates
> space as I need it. I have about 14GB free on this disk so if needs be I

I just allocate it in really big chunks, one partition for / and a
swap-partition. That's it. If you want to share /home between multiple
distributions, take a partition for that but be generous on space if
you ever plan to work with graphics or some other space-intensitive

> just create another 2GB partition and call it /usr3 Having all these
> differnet /usr* partitions might seem unhandy but I find it rather
> organized myself. Then again, what do you guys care how I mess up my own
> system anyways ;)

Partitions are a pain. Doesn't reiserfs solve this issue?

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