e2fsprogs make fails

Jesse Tie Ten Quee highos at cadvision.com
Tue Jun 20 18:38:12 PDT 2000


>(1) the install of gcc on my normal system into /usr/local/gcc2952 since
>my normal system uses egcs 2.91.66,

No need to install Gcc on Slack7 (i've done several boxes without trouble)

>(2) installed Textutils with
># ./configure --disable-nls
># make -e LDFLAGS=-static
># make -e prefix=$LFS/usr install
># mv $LFS/usr/bin/cat $LFS/bin

Looks fine so far...

>(3) did the "Installing Linux Kernel" section of Chapter 5 before
>anything else in Chapter 5,


cd $LFS/usr/src/linux
yes "" | make config
make dep (in chroot)

>Any ideas what I may have done wrong before this point to cause make to

That problem was one that was found in 2.3.2, it's the kernel's header files
that are not setup right. a 'make dep' (with a .config file) in the
chroot'ed environment should fix that.

You may want to read 2.3.5b and check the changes.

.HIghoS (i'm alive, barely... argh tonight is fun, going to setup a pure LFS
server in Banff ;)
Jesse Tie Ten Quee - tie at linux.ca - highos at highos.com

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