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Thomas 'Balu' Walter tw at itreff.de
Thu Jun 15 23:47:03 PDT 2000

+-Simon Perreault-(nomis80 at videotron.ca)-[16.06.00 04:30]:
> > - Mention that the book assums that your BIOS clock is set to GMT (for
> >   the same of simplicity)
> That explains all the trouble I'm having getting my clock to work (it's not
> working right now, and I'm about to give up). My clock has to be NOT set to
> GMT, because of those damn Windows. How do I configure it not to think that
> my RTC is in GMT?

In SuSE there is a configuration-Variable called GMT (in /etc/rc.config):

# Set to "-u" if your system clock is set to GMT, otherwise "".

and in the boot-script /etc/rc.d/boot (first script from init on
system startup) they do (after loading rc.config):

# set and adjust the CMOS clock
echo -n Setting up the CMOS clock
while read line; do
        case "$line" in
                *MacRISC*)  CLOCKCMD=clock ;;
                *MTX\ Plus*) CLOCKCMD="hwclock --mtxplus --directisa" ;;
done < /proc/cpuinfo

test "$GMT" != "YAST_ASK" && $CLOCKCMD --hctosys $GMT || ECHO_RETURN=$rc_failed
test -f /etc/adjtime || echo "0.0 0 0.0" > /etc/adjtime
test "$GMT" != "YAST_ASK"  -a "$START_XNTPD" != "yes" && {
    $CLOCKCMD --adjust $GMT || ECHO_RETURN=$rc_failed
echo -e "$ECHO_RETURN"

(YAST_ASK is the value of GMT if the setup-Tool Yast did not ask about
this before...)

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