Vacation ended, made up my mind, here is what I want to do

Andre Pang andrep-ml at
Sun Jun 11 00:50:54 PDT 2000

sorry to reply to this mail rather than the original; the latter appears to
have disappeared from my mailbox.

> > 1st> i really like the idea of LFS expanding and involving the work of other
> >  people.. i mean gerard has done a lot but there are limits to how much he
> >  can do and we shouldn't expect him to devote his life to this..
> >  anyways, my point.. make the database, but we should lay out guild-lines
> >  for how the packages should be install and how the document should be
> > writen.
> >  and instead of everyone writing in whatever they want, we should assign
> >  certain areas to certain people or "teams" who volunteer for it, so that
> > the
> >  authers will be responible to mantian the documention and help out with
> > whatever
> >  comes up involving their section.
> >  ie. have someone (or a team) responible for security issues, someone for
> >  for the basic networking, someone for xwindows... etc..
> You wouldn't happen to be part of Debian now would you? :)

    nice one-line comeback there :).

    of course Gerard will comment here with his own point of view, but i
personally think that LFS is a HOWTO on how to build your own system.  you
can (and should) modify it as you see fit.  lfs is not a distribution with
strict guidelines on the filesystem hierachy, systems of packaging, or
otherwise; if you want that, it is always possible to rebuild any of the
current distributions from source (Slackware in particular fits this role
nicely.)  rock-linux is also designed around this concept.

    you should probably tell the user to install things into /usr instead of
/usr/local and provide basic hints like that, but one thing that LFS should
not become is another distribution.  it's a guide on how to get a system up
and running from source code only.  if an advanced user wants to do things
differently, of course he should, and he should have the freedom to do so
without a HOWTO bogging him/her down.

    what _would_ be good is a system for tracking the latest updates to
packages, security, etc.. this should just consist of looking at every now and then, just so it makes life easier for the
admin.  it's up to them whether they want to update the package(s), as

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