Vacation ended, made up my mind, here is what I want to do

Jesse Tie Ten Quee highos at
Sat Jun 10 20:54:06 PDT 2000


> 1st> i really like the idea of LFS expanding and involving the work of other
>  people.. i mean gerard has done a lot but there are limits to how much he
>  can do and we shouldn't expect him to devote his life to this..
>  anyways, my point.. make the database, but we should lay out guild-lines
>  for how the packages should be install and how the document should be
> writen.
>  and instead of everyone writing in whatever they want, we should assign
>  certain areas to certain people or "teams" who volunteer for it, so that
> the
>  authers will be responible to mantian the documention and help out with
> whatever
>  comes up involving their section.
>  ie. have someone (or a team) responible for security issues, someone for
>  for the basic networking, someone for xwindows... etc..

You wouldn't happen to be part of Debian now would you? :)

> 2nd> i have redhat stickers, i have suse stickers, i have stickers from
> everywhere.
>  but there is no LFS sticker!.. included is my picture of what i believe to
> be,
>  (let me know if i'm wrong) the first LFS sticker.  i am very interested in
>  actually coming up with some real LFS stickers (not redhat-overwrites..
> hehe)
>  and maybe even tee-shirts (yes i am a nerd and would wear one) if i know
> some
>  other people wanted them.. so let me know..

I want!!!

Allthough i like Michael's idea of a RH sticker upside down with LFS written on
it :)
Although that seems a little biased to just RH, so i doubt that will work...

.HIghoS (wanting an LFS sticker and T-Shirt)

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