cpu optimalizations

Jonathan DeHaan jdehaan at home.com
Thu Jun 8 15:39:20 PDT 2000

I just built an LFS system in the past couple of days, and the majority of packages that use './configure --prefix=/usr' will respect the CFLAGS variable, and add it to whatever else they need on the line. A few packages are not built that way, and need manual editting of Makefiles.

PS - Great work on this system! I have really learned a lot about the insides of Linux.

Jonathan DeHaan
jdehaan at home.com
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  This subject has been discussed a few times and I have a few questions.

  Suppose I have a CFLAGS environment variable that has a few gcc options
  so things get compiled for a specific CPU (and not for the general i386
  cpu). What if a package defines their own CFLAGS variable? Of course we
  can override it with "make -e" but what if a package defines a series of
  macro's (with -Dmacroname=macrovalue)? If we use the environment
  variable CFLAGS that of course won't include any of the macro's and
  and other things that are used by a package which can result in a
  package that doens't compile properly or not at all.

  How would we overcome that? Editing the Makefile files for every package
  to manually include those extra options for cpu optimalization isn't
  that great a solution to mention in the book.

  Anybody has some experience with this?

  Gerard Beekmans

  -*- If Linux doesn't have the solution, you have the wrong problem -*-
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