gcc + binutils - installdirs

Erika Pacholleck Pacholleck.E at knuut.de
Thu Jun 8 01:31:40 PDT 2000

reference: book 2.2.x

Basically the book does not change installation directories
except --prefix=/usr and sometimes some others.

When installing gcc a dir is created which is --tooldir,
and if you do not change the value it results in creating
$LFS/usr/<architecture / mine is i586-pc-linux-gnu>.
This is empty at that stage.

When installing binutils the --tooldir is again needed
and if you do not change it the value is $(prefix)/(arch).
Executables like ar, as, ld, nm, ranlib, strip will go to the
$LFS/usr/<architecture>/ created by gcc.

Comparing this to DLD and Mandrake the differences are:
1. DLD (=libc5) has one subdir of /usr/<arch>
-. /lib = libraries
2. MDK (=libc6 running, =libc5 added) has two sudirs for libc6
-. /lib = libraries
-. /include = header files
-. and ldscripts go to /usr/lib
3. BOTH put the executables into /usr/bin.

1. what is --tooldir exactely defined to be - only compiling related data?
2. I guess libs and headers in there are what is commonly pack-devel
- how do we separate runlibs and devellibs if we don´t do our daily compiling?
3. would /usr/<arch>/bin/prog not mean to add this dir to PATH?
-. ("strip foo" would not work if searched for in the default PATH, would it?)
4. what about the versions of those "doubled" progs which come with both
-. cc+filt, ld are at least installed with gcc, too


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