Boy, am I havin' trouble!

Claudio Nieder private at
Tue Jun 6 15:04:28 PDT 2000


> > I got a couple of "Signal 11" Failures, and it turned out to be memory
> > related. (I had added extra memory, and it didn't seem to like it..)

I had similar problems on my PowerBook. With "normal packages"
I would, just after getting such a failure, reenter the make command,
and compilation would resume. This didn't work with gcc because
when I reentered "make bootstrap" after such a failure, it
would start the whole compilation from the beginning.

Off Topic: Yesterday I posted an answer to an article via news
instead of replying to the mailing list. That answer never made it 
to the list. Wasn't answering via news supposed to work? Or
is my memory as flaky as the one in my PowerBook?

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