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Ian Chilton ian at
Tue Jun 6 12:26:57 PDT 2000


> I'm wondering how important it is to keep around the source trees for the
> various packages I've installed. The kernel source tree makes sense, since
> there are obviously other programs that make use of some of these header
> files. I also found while installing openssh that it looked for a header
> file from another package (I forget which one, off hand). But generally
> speaking, can these be deleted, or will they be needed?

You can delete the sources for the packages, but DO NOT DELETE THE KERNEL
The kernel sources are need to compile other things...

If you really don't want to recompile the kernel again, you can delete the
whole of the /usr/src/linux directory, EXCPET the /usr/src/linux/include
direcory, which you must keep. This can however be cut down, by deleting the
directories relating to the other hardware platforms like ppc, m86k, mips

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