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Tue Jun 6 05:17:11 PDT 2000


I wasn't sure which newsgroup/list this should go on so I just put it
here for now....

I am getting DSL real soon now (tm), and have a 486 that I want to set
up as a firewall/router.  I have RH6.0 on it currently, but I'm
wondering if perhaps an LFS system might be better suited for the task
of Penguin Gateway Guard.  I don't want to have to attach a 2nd HDD to
this system to build the LFS on with RH on there also, I just want to be

able to install LFS literally from scratch on just the one HD and
replace RH.  (Its not a big enough HDD for 2 Linux systems either)  The
system does have a CDROM drive, and the HDD is 720MB.

I was wondering if there is any possibility of putting all the sources,
the tarball for the book, and possibly the bootdisk stuff I've heard
about, all into an iso image (maybe even bootable CD option?  my 486
can't boot CDs of course but for Pentium installations.....).  Perhaps
also have some kind of install script, to make things a little more
automated (mainly to be able to have unattended or minimally attended
install, or multiple
installs).  I know the main point of LFS is to learn Linux
under-the-hood, but it would also make a good, bolted down system to
assure security for a firewall/router (or at least you can be sure its
configured that way).  I have read a while ago about automated scripts,
but I'm not sure what the status is of those currently.

So if anyone has any info regarding these things please let us all know.

I don't have a CD burner myself but have access to one at work, and if I

could just burn a CD with all the stuff necessary to do LFS really from
scratch (i.e. no "normal" Linux system before LFS needed, just
install it right from the CD and get a base system loaded, then compile
everything else) that would be great.


Matt M

linuxknight at xoommail.com

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