ShellUtils compile prob and TextUtils question

Clyde Wilson clydew at
Sun Jun 4 13:33:12 PDT 2000

On Sun, 4 Jun 2000, Keith Marshall wrote:

> Hi
> I'm following lfs 2.3.3 and have nearly got all he static compiles finished.
> I have one problem and one question.
> I also have a question about textutils. Is this part right?
> root:textutils-2.0# ./configure --prefix=/usr
> root:textutils-2.0# make
> root:textutils-2.0# make install
> root:textutils-2.0# mv /usr/bin/cat /bin
Nope, this one is a big typo.  Instead use the script for
tar which immediately preceeds this, replacing tar in the
last line with cat.  

Clyde Wilson

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