Jesse Tie Ten Quee highos at
Sat Jul 29 19:00:40 PDT 2000


>well going on about 28 hrs now..

28 hours? man that's nothing.
I just hit 24 hours and i'm getting started, i just came back from a 50
hours plus... <winks>

>I do have a "real" post though..
>anybody got any idea why I cant login to my machine, It says /bin/sh cant
>find some .so file (libncurses.4 or so)
>I compiled the new machine with ncurses 5.
>any suggestions?

Check where Ncurses installed there libraries, makes a big difference if you
use multiple partitions, etc... (aka if there in /usr/lib, when booting only
/ is mounted and if /usr is one another partition...)

and yes double cappachino's ARE a drug, im guilty..


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