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Chuck Polisher cpolish at ns.net
Fri Jul 28 10:03:10 PDT 2000

  Mike White wrote:
> Could someone recommend a source, internet, books etc... that will help me
> understand the commands in the installation instructions.  I haven't had any
> problems compiling the programs yet.  I would just like to learn more about
> what I'm doing.

Recommended reading:

  Porting UNIX Software
  Greg Lehey
  O'Reilly & Assoc., pub.
  ISBN 1-56592-126-7

  Managing Projects with make
  Andrew Oram, Steve Talbott
  O'Reilly & Assoc., pub.
  ISBN 0-937175-90-0

Lehey's book is subtitled "from Dowload to Debug". This book 
covers taking a software package in source form and installing 
it on your machine: how to get the software, how to unpack it,
how to modify the package so it compiles, and how
to deal with problems when they crop up. It's more a nuts-and-
bolts of how to do it than a programming text.

Oram's book details how people structure real-world
makefiles, but is more aimed at people who produce 
packages than people who are trying to install them. 

Hope that helps.
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