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Avery Fay afay at
Thu Jul 27 19:13:32 PDT 2000

> > Personally, I edit the /etc/passwd and /etc/group files by hand.
> And you construct an encoded password by hand too then? Or do you use a
> program like passwd to change passwords (which comes with shadow
> password suite). I believe util-linux has a passwd program, too. But not
> everybody is comfortable editing passwd and group files by hand so you
> want some useradd and groupadd program. The only package I know that
> provide such utils is shadow password suite.

useradd and groupadd can be implemented with shell scripts fairly easily.
I'm not saying that I think that the shadow password suite isn't useful.
However, I don't think it is needed. I also don't think that it should be
part of the book considering that the only parts that are used in the
default configuration (ie following the book to the letter) can be
implemented in shell scripts and I guess obtained from the util-linux

Avery Fay

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