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Simon Perreault nomis80 at
Thu Jul 27 17:50:16 PDT 2000

> The section about configuring shadow password implicitely states that
> it's not enabled by default.

I still hold my end here, and I reiterate that it doesn't. Maybe it hints at
that, but the point is not about notifying the reader that shadow passwords
aren't enabled by default. It's about telling him that they're not enabled
after a LFS installation. (<casual linux user comment>"They're not enabled
by default? I already knew that! I just installed shadow suite exactly
because they're not enabled by default."</casual linux user comment>)

> I can clear it up and explicitely state
> that shadow passwords aren't enabled yet

Yes, you should. ie. "Note that after the Shadow Suite package installation,
shadow passwords are not enabled yet. If you want to enable them, I direct
you to the Shadow-HOWTO..." and then continue with the fact that you still
need the suite even if you don't need shadow passwords.

> (seems clear to me though - you
> created a passwd file and not the /etc/shadow file earlier in chapter
> 5...)

What's the purpose of the pwconv utility? Anyway, you need a /etc/passwd
even if you use shadow passwords, so it wasn't that clear to me. (Maybe I
have an inferior brain. How can one know what being intelligent means when
one is stupid? (in this phrase, "one" refers to an hypothetical me (my
ramblings aren't that clear, are they? (I should close some parentheses.))))

> The suite is also used to maintain
> non-shadow password based systems
> One way or another you're going to need this suite.

You're right. Let's keep it.

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