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Lucas Nelson lucas at access.com.au
Thu Jul 27 17:39:28 PDT 2000

Mike White wrote:
> Could someone recommend a source, internet, books etc... that will help me
> understand the commands in the installation instructions.  I haven't had any
> problems compiling the programs yet.  I would just like to learn more about
> what I'm doing.
> Mike
> --

I find the best way is to:

1. Read all the documentation available in the .tar.gz source packages.
You'll be amazed how much this can teach you.

2. Use http://www.linuxdoc.org/ . This site seems to have all the
"standard" HOWTO's most recent versions and a reasonable search

With just these two resources (and the last LFS 2.2), and not much prior
knowledge about linux, I am running LFS 2.3.6 as my primary system. I'm
running with a USB pacthed 2.2.16 kernel, XFree 4.0.1, WindowMaker, ssh,
sendmail/procmail/mailx, inetd (telnet/ftp), samba, nfs, sound (using an
SBLive) and a bunch of other stuff. The HOWTO's are a goldmine of
information :)

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