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Jean-François Le Ray jfleray at
Thu Jul 27 10:13:16 PDT 2000

Simon Perreault wrote:
> > If there's anything you would like to see changed in 2.3.7, you have 10
> > days to let me know.
> After the complete installation of LFS, take a look at /etc/passwd. It isn't
> converted to /etc/shadow (at leat for me it isn't). I don't really know
> where exactly the problem is and what would be the most gracious fix, but I
> simply run /usr/sbin/pwdconv (dunno if it's the real name, but it should be
> pretty close) to convert /etc/passwd to /etc/shadow. When I use
> /usr/sbin/adduser, I must convert /etc/passwd in the same way. Perhaps a
> long term fix should be found.
Utilities to convert to shadow files are /usr/sbin/pwconv and /usr/sbin/grpconv.
I think that the present state of the book, that instructs the reader to read
shadow package documentation (obviously, you did) , is the best that can be
Maybe a warning, stating that the reader is expected to issue some commands
after reading that doc, could be added.

If the reader cannot do that, he is in danger using his newly built LFS.
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