working on init 1|S|s (was Re: putting 2.3.6 to the test)

J.A. Neitzel jan.listbox at
Thu Jul 27 09:55:30 PDT 2000

On Tue, 25 Jul 2000, Gerard Beekmans said this:
> > Among other things, this does `exec init -t1 S` . I am only curious
> > if this is "odd" or a "standard" behaviour? I figure that `init 1`
> > and `init S` should behave differently. Right? Wrong? Comments
> > invited! ;-)
> I'm not sure about it either. I just know that I use runlevel S when the
> system is booted (read when the si::sysinit:/etc/init.d/rcS line is read
> by init and executed so it runs scripts in /etc/rcS.d) and runlevel 1
> can be your default run level (single user mode - no networking, no
> multi-user. Single user mode, as it's implemented often, starts the
> sulogin program so you can login as user root and repair. Then you
> change to runlevel 2 for multi-user/no network or level 3 for
> multi-user/full network).
> Which reminds me, the single user mode isn't implemented in LFS yet.

Okay, after reading some of the responses spawned by my query,
referring to init and inittab man pages, etc...

I'm going to work on runlevel 1 this weekend (or single or S,
whatever we want to call it). After looking at the various
init-related man pages, which refer to one another, by the way. The
language in those pages can be a bit misleading in the way they were
written. It uses a lot of synonymous language (seems like runlevel 1,
s, S are all synonyms) . Don't quote me on that.

But it does say "runlevel 1 is used to get the system down into
single user mode."

I don't mean anything other than these sorts of things vary in their
interpretation. Like you said in another message...

+ -- Gerard Beekmans --
> This is a personal preference: "I don't care what the man page
> says, I don't agree with it. I want to have two separate runlevels
> for sysinit (rcS.d) and single user (rc1.d). I think it makes most
> sense"

I agree wholeheartedly! :)

I think, per my interpretation, that this is not actually a runlevel.
It's just sysinit stuff... which in the end refers to whatever is
in (rcS.d)

from INITTAB(5)
       The process will be executed during system boot. It
       will  be  executed  before  any  boot  or  bootwait
       entries.  The runlevels field is ignored.

Anyway, enough from my mouth here. I'll finish setting up some some
single user mode stuff this weekend and then post a link to what I've
done (or post a tarball here).
J.A. Neitzel
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