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Thomas 'Balu' Walter tw at
Wed Jul 26 02:30:04 PDT 2000

Additional ideas:

What about splitting the book in one intel and one apple-book?
(or putting different sections in the packages that differ? - I agree
with you that it is not nice to read "if you have an intel do this ...",
but that would help if someone wants to support a different platform.
Actually I am thinking of doing an LFS-Install on an old sparc, but I
don't know exactly which packages I can use without modification and
which not...)

Often the "Content"-Part in the book can be left out. "The package
soandso contains the soandso-program" is really not much help.
Especially if you describe the programs two lines later.

If you have described the package while static-install, why describe the
same things after chroot?

Configuring Shadow Password Suite:
Where can doc/HOWTO be found (in the shadow-tar, of course, but that is
not mentioned, I think)
Perhaps include the change of the root-Password in this chapter.

Creating the /var/run/utmp file:
Create the wtmp-file here also? I think wtmp is necessary for a nice

Configuring Vim:
Create the config-file in /etc/vimrc?

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