Problem with m4 in 2.3.6 (plus more similar problems with Sysklogd)

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Tue Jul 25 17:55:40 PDT 2000

> ksym_mod.o: In function `AddModule':
> ksym_mod.o(.text+0x291): the `llseek' function may be dangerous; use
> `lseek64' instead.

That's normal, but just a warning. A binary should still be compiled
> Again during make in the chroot'ed environment.
> BUT this time the damn thing will only compile statically (like m4) but WILL NOT
> compile in the lfs system (when I've rebooted in it)!!
> It seems that my loyal days (years) in Debian are over...

If you're in chroot Debian isn't of influence anymore, unless Glibc
somehow took over Debian's Glibc settings or whatever.
> I'd really like to know about other people's experiences with Debian 2.1r5 at
> installing LFS. There were reports of successful installs of LFS 2.2 I think but
> I really find them hard to believe at this point... Convince me please!! :-)

I've build LFS-1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 2.0 systems all using Debian-2.1
as the base system without any problems whatsoever (I do have to note
that LFS-1.x where Glibc-2.0 based and not Glibc-2.1 like LFS-2.0 and

Gerard Beekmans

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