Problem with m4 in 2.3.6 (plus more similar problems with Sysklogd)

Panos Maheras arcana at
Tue Jul 25 15:22:53 PDT 2000

On Mon, 24 Jul 2000 10:06:53 -0400, you wrote:

>> If this turns out to be a glibc 2.0 problem *maybe* we should follow what John
>> Phillips suggested: compile statically before and dynamically after (this seems
>> to work right now).
>Have you confirmed this? If M4 is included in the static section, can it
>be compilede ok in the dynamic one? Somehow I doubt it. I don't see how
>a static M4 would fix these header problems. Even if M4 is static, you
>still will have that sigalstack (or whatever it's called) problem after
>you have chroot'ed.

Let me clear this up: When m4 is compiled statically *before* the chroot then I
get no problems or complains whatsoever.

The only solution right now seems to be:

- Install m4 statically BEFORE chroot (no problems or complains).
- Install m4 dynamically AFTER rebooting (!) in the lfs system.

Very interesting is the fact that the error messages about the header problems
*remain* when I compile dynamically but the resulting binary has no problems(!).

You think that the troubles of a poor Debian user are over? Guess again...

Sysklogd refuses to compile. The reason:

ksym_mod.o: In function `AddModule':
ksym_mod.o(.text+0x291): the `llseek' function may be dangerous; use
`lseek64' instead.

Again during make in the chroot'ed environment.

BUT this time the damn thing will only compile statically (like m4) but WILL NOT
compile in the lfs system (when I've rebooted in it)!!

It seems that my loyal days (years) in Debian are over...

I'd really like to know about other people's experiences with Debian 2.1r5 at
installing LFS. There were reports of successful installs of LFS 2.2 I think but
I really find them hard to believe at this point... Convince me please!! :-)

Panos Maheras.

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