ncurses-5.1 with --disable-termcap

J.A. Neitzel jan.listbox at
Mon Jul 24 20:36:16 PDT 2000

Hi, I was just curious about this change from
LFS-BOOK-2.3.5b  to  LFS-BOOK-2.3.6 .

I had already upgraded my LFS-2.3.5b to where it uses all the same
software versions as the new one, 2.3.6. I wondered about one config
option used in 2.3.6 and what it is supposed to do...


Since everything already works perfectly with the upgrades I made to
the previous BOOK, I don't want to change anything like ncurses
without knowing why this particular option was used...

Any comments about the difference and its resulting impact would be
great! :)

# -- in my 2.3.5b upgrade, i did this:
root:ncurses-5.1#  ./configure --prefix=/usr --libdir=/lib \
> --with-shared

# -- LFS-BOOK-2.3.6 says this:
root:ncurses-5.1#  ./configure --prefix=/usr --libdir=/lib \
> --with-shared --disable-termcap

# -- LFS-BOOK-2.3.5b said this:
root:ncurses-5.0#  ./configure --prefix=/usr --with-shared

The interesting thing is, I never encountered any of those BASH
compile errors I read about on the list (i.e., -ltermcap vs. -lcurses
vs. -lncurses). I don't have termcap installed.

BTW, regarding "gettext" and the file "po-mode.el" ... If you have
Emacs installed, this file gets put in the right place. I think it
goes to "/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/po-mode.el" .
J.A. Neitzel
jan at
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