Couple questions from a newbie

Justin Judd justin at
Mon Jul 24 11:15:20 PDT 2000

Hello all,

I just began to install my first LFS system and I have a couple
basic questions:

1. In order to compile a program without debugging symbols, do I just not
include '-g' in CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS? Do I have to remove it from the
configure script as well?

2. To install static bash, why don't I pass '--prefix=$LFS/usr' to
the configure script? Won't this propagate through the Makefiles, so I
don't have to pass it to make?

3. Same question for static binutils. Why would I pass '--prefix=/usr' to
configure, but '--prefix=$LFS/usr' to make install?

4. For binutils, what is the significance of tooldir? I know this creates
the directory: $LFS/usr/i686-pc-linux-gnu/ where copies of the executables
are put, but why do I need these? Can I delete them?

Thanks in advance for you help,


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