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SamBC sambc at
Sun Jul 23 14:05:26 PDT 2000

In the explanation of Bison (Appendix A, HTML Page x8082), a binary tree is
used. When used in this manner, a binary tree should be presented for
in-order traversal, which the tree you show is not. The left and right main
sub-trees need to be swapped.

Explained differently:

The description you give shows:

           / \
          1   *
             / \
            2   3

which, as in-order traversal, is 1 + 2 * 3. Given that such trees are used
to store data unambiguously, and operators are evaluated immediately, this
gives the result 9. The correct tree would be (IMO):

           / \
          *   1
         / \
        2   3

Of course, thinking off the trees in terms of simplifiable sub-trees would
mean that the two are identical, but the latter suits both methods of tree

If you got this straight from a manpage, sorry, but i thought I would point
it out...

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