Lucas Nelson lucas at access.com.au
Sun Jul 23 08:59:59 PDT 2000

Dean Feldpausch wrote:
> Works like a champ!!!
> Sugg....
> 1.)  chmod on MAKEDEV after move of MAKEDEV2 to MAKEDEV
> 2.)  seem to have a prob with modules.  Kernel calls modprobe, then
> errors
>         out on boot saying "modprobe:  can't find module net-pf-9".
> Something
>         mucked up with ksym's.  Or is Modutils Messed?  Any clues?

I had the same thing ... after a fair bit of reading on linuxdoc.org (I
am not very experienced with linux), I found that this is an expected
thing to see, if you don't compile certain network protocols, like IPX.
The message is perfectly harmless, but aesthetically displeasing, so
here's what I put into my modules.conf to shut it up:

alias net-pf-3 off
alias net-pf-4 off
alias net-pf-5 off
alias net-pf-9 off
alias net-pf-10 off

these represent the network protocols (that I know about) that I use -
ie. non-TCP/IP. I think I found it somewhere in the ethnet or kerneld

Doesn't everybody see these messages during boot?

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