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Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Sun Jul 23 08:06:28 PDT 2000

> Gerard, why are you doing nearly all by yourself? :) Give one or two of
> us the chance to help you out. As far as I know the guys from #lfs we
> would be glad to do so.

I have one really good reason for this: I have asked again and again on
this list that if somebody wants to help out and start maintaining some
part of the book, he or she just have to email me and tell me what that
person wants to maintain. There are a lot of things posted to this list,
granted, but I haven't read one commitment that such a thing will be
done regularly.

> Another idea we discussed some time ago - what about using
> for such things. They got all tools you need for such a
> development. Another idea is to use their CVS - give others 
> write-permissions to that and we can fix such small bugs immediately,
> including it in changelog and voila - next day a new patchlevel could be
> created automatically :).

Have been thinking about that yes. I wouldn't use SourceForge yet
though. I rather have Paul, if he doensn't mind, installing CVS on his
system (but it can become bandwidth consuming so perhaps one of the
mirrors can host it).

Haven't made up my mind yet though. I find it more convenient to edit
the SGML code on my own harddisk. Then again, you can just download the
SGML code, make changes and send me the diff's of them (in diff -Naur
format or diff -Naur if you need to do a recursive diff).

Jesse and I have been talking a bit about CVS. He put himself in charge
of doing some CVS research and we'll discuss it later.
> Me (and some others) don't have this symlink... 8).

Ok...I'll try to investigate that (trying to find the reason why you
don't have it. If you find the reason, though, don't forget to let us
know ;)

Gerard Beekmans

-*- If Linux doesn't have the solution, you have the wrong problem -*-
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