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Sat Jul 22 11:19:28 PDT 2000

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> From: Darryl
>  Here ya go i couldnt help myself :) and im not gonna go thru all the shit
> ya
>  should already know like how to partition etc...
>  Make a /boot partition on your /dev/hda say i dont know say 15-30 meg you
>  may be able to go smaller, i dont know i havernt tried. put it so its at
> the
>  front on the HDD so as to sit well with in the limits of the 1024 thing .
>  The reason for your error is because it cant see your kernel and
> freaks out
>  and just scrolls for ever 010101010101.
If that were the case, would it not only happen once he had selected the
Kernel to boot?

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