Joe Weidenbach weidenba at
Sat Jul 22 01:14:13 PDT 2000

> > Actually, it depends on the BIOS.  If it is a new machine, it will
> > probably work.  If older than a couple years, maybe not.

It's actually almost a brand new motherboard.  FIC PA-2013 Running a K6-2.  I
haven't gotten a chance yet to check the version, but it is an award BIOS.  I
think the LBA setting might be a good one to check, but I haven't gotten that
far yet.  My question is this--why is it that the slackware 7 and mandrake 6.5
versions work, and not this?  Everything else I've used with LFS works about 5
times better than the other distros...

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