Init script without Start-Stop-Daemon

Greg T Hill greghill at
Fri Jul 21 12:25:35 PDT 2000

A warning about the example script I posted.  Further testing reveals that I used
the worst possible example I could have chosen.
I used the script for inet.d and rpc.portmap, which works fine on boot.  However,
stopping or restarting portmap without using the
pmap_dump and pmap_set in the nfs utils package will render portmap useless until
rebooting.  Everything looks hunky-dory until a client tries to mount a share.
I don't know if anyone has tried the script, I haven't seen any feedback.  If any
one is, however, I can send them a fixed script when I finish correcting and
debugging,   Everything works fine when used for Samba smbd and nmbd, and for
NFS nfsd and mountd,

Apologies for originally posting to lfs-discuss, this belongs on lfs-config. I am
cc to lfs-discuss because that is where  I originally posted the script.

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