Problem with m4 in 2.3.6

Panos Maheras arcana at
Fri Jul 21 08:46:37 PDT 2000

When I'm running make in the chroot'ed enviroment for m4 (v.1.4) I get:

gcc  -o m4 m4.o builtin.o debug.o eval.o format.o freeze.o input.o macro.o
output.o path.o stackovf.o symtab.o ../lib/libm4.a
stackovf.o: In function `setup_stackovf_trap':
/usr/src/m4-1.4/src/stackovf.c:343: the `sigstack' function is dangerous. 
`sigaltstack' should be used instead.

But make seems to finish without any more problems or complains.
Ignoring the above warning I continue with make install, etc.
BUT, after a few steps when I'm running make for Autoconf (v.2.13) I get:

sed -e 's,@''datadir''@,/usr/share/autoconf,g' -e
's,@''PERL''@,/usr/bin/perl,g' > autoscan.tmp && chmod +x
autoscan.tmp && mv autoscan.tmp autoscan
Error: Autoconf requires GNU m4 1.1 or later
make: *** [autoconf.m4f] Error 1

Hmm, it seems that there is a problem with the (just previously compiled) m4.
I execute m4 (without arguments) from the chroot'ed enviroment and I get this:

m4: sigstack: Function not implemented

Is there a problem with m4 or is it just me?

Panos Maheras (arcana at

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