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Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Fri Jul 21 06:25:57 PDT 2000

> More problems coming up...

> While installing fileutils /usr/bin/install install is moved to
> /bin/install. But when installing sysklogd it fails as it has a
> "hardcoded" INSTALL = /usr/bin/install in its Makefile.'s the deal:

I noticed a few files from fileutils was left behind in /usr/bin so I
updated the SGML code to move all files to /bin (easier to maintain and
guess where your files are). But I had already installed sysklogd and I
had a /usr/bin/install that I moved to /bin afterwards apparently. I
wasn't aware that we're using a package that's broken like this (missing
configure script that detects these things).

I'll check the FHS to see if it mentions the location of the install
program. Now that I think about it /usr/bin/install does seem a more
sensible location but I also like, as others do, having the files of
a package in the same bin directory.

If it breaks FHS, then I'll undo this of course.
> ld and ldconfig seem to be installed too late, as at least console* cries
> for ldconfig ... 

As long as the libraries go in /usr/lib or /usr/local/lib running
'ldconfig' isn't really necessary I think. Dynamic linker looks in that
patch regardless.

as for 'ld'. Ld comes with binutils which is already installed, but I
guess you meant 'ldd'. Ldd is already installed - Glibc installs a
version in /usr/bin
> size.c:79: undefined reference to `dcgettext__

Not on my end. Hmm, I'll keep an eye out for this. Perhaps gettext
should be installed earlier.
> Why do we remove /usr/bin/ldd ? It never goes there as far as i can see.

Glibc should place a copy in it.

Gerard Beekmans

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