Known Bugs

Thomas 'Balu' Walter tw at
Fri Jul 21 03:53:46 PDT 2000

I created a little file containing known bugs in 2.3.6 (and how
to fix them). It is located at

What I've found so far (not only bugs, but suggestions):

In chapter "preface":
LFS is also nice for people that want a heavenly optimized linux for
their machine.

In chapter "Important information":
"export" only works in bash-shells - what if one got a csh?
Perhaps setenv should be described.

In chapter "Creating a new partition":
Small typo: "disk sapce"

In chapter "Creating directories":
Why is proc chmoded? The description just describes root and tmp.
Shouldn't var/tmp also be changed as tmp/ and usr/tmp?

In chapter "Preparing the LFS system":
Also make sure that $LFS is set.
Check it with "echo $LFS $CFLAGS $CXXFLAGS"

In chapter "Installing Bash":
Making bash fails because of missing -lcurses here. I am installing
from a LFS 2.3.5b.
Change -lcurses to -lncurses using
   # sed "s/-lcurses/-lncurses/" Makefile>Makefile2
   # mv Makefile2 Makefile

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