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Peter Morris morris at
Wed Jul 19 12:12:46 PDT 2000

On Wed, 19 Jul 2000, Gerard Beekmans wrote:

> Hi,
> A while ago I said I would provide PS and PDF files when 2.3.6 is
> released. Well I'm afraid that won't happen this time.
> I installed the tools to generate PS and PDF files, but I can't verify
> them. I tried to install ghostview but it requires 'gs' so I try to
> install ghostscript. Ghostscript just will not compile.
> So unless somebody here has compile ghostscript 6 and knows how to do
> it, let me know. I'll investigate this more but I won't provide PS and
> PDF files quite yet. Perhaps next week when things have compiled here.

Is there really a ghostscript 6? The gnu sites have only 5.10. I was able
to get that to compile, with some difficulty. I made some notes and they
To install ghostscript-5.10:

(1)untar the tar ball; the directory is gs5.10.

(2)inside gs5.10, untar 3 tar balls: jpegsrc.v6b.tar.gz, libpng_1.0.5.orig.tar.gz, 

(3)mv libpng-1.0.5(or something) to libpng

(4)mv zlib-1.1.3 (or something) to zlib

(5)makefile should be a symlink to unix-gcc.mak

(6)change makefile as follows:
	(a)JSRCDIR=jpeg-6b (it's jpeg-6a before)

(7) make

(8) make install (this does not install the fonts, which are in separate tarballs
and go in /usr/local/share/ghostscript/fonts)


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