Nice MS bug

Wim Kerkhoff wim at
Tue Jul 18 15:46:01 PDT 2000

On 18-Jul-2000 Klas Lindfors wrote:
> <snipped message about windows crashing>
> it is all due to not un-inmplemented devices in windows, still there since 
> dos, trying to run c:\nul\nul will similarily crash windows ( I believe 
> recent security patches from MS address the problem, though, the simple 

I couldn't get my Win98 to crash, but I have all the updates.  One of our techs
here tried it under Win95 and Win98, and BSOD! first try.  In the BSOD, part of
the error message references a VFAT vxd or something.

> fact that they didn't know about it until somebody tested it says a bit to 
> much... I have heard, not felt like testing it myself, that you will be 
> able to crash a windows with just a link to a device, or crashing a windows 
> based ftp server trying to reach devices, though, as I said, not tested 
> those myself.

This could be scary for an windows ftp/http server... It would be a pain to
find out why the server crashed, because it would bsod before it could write to
a log...


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