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Peter Morris morris at
Tue Jul 18 08:48:49 PDT 2000

On Tue, 18 Jul 2000, Andy Peeters wrote:
> Now, something else. It is a little bit off-topic. At the Debian site it is
> possible to download the sources. But every package gives 2 tarballs. The
> first ends with '.orig.tar.gz', the second with normal extention '.tar.gz'.
> I think the first one contains all the sources like they can be downloaded
> from other sites, the second one contains Debian-specific adjustments. My
> question is: is this correct and can I use those tarballs to install those
> programs ?

I have successfully installed several programs from the '.orig.tar.gz'
files from debian. cron, libpng, tcpdump, for example. There are
sometimes problems, but no more often than usual when building programs
from tarballs.

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