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Thats perfect :-)

On Sat, 15 Jul 2000, Gerard Beekmans wrote:

> Ok, I've made it clearer this time. Here's what the book contains (don't
> mind the grammar, it will be fixed before 2.4 is released):
> <para>
> Please keep in mind that if you find that a package doesn't compile and
> gives errors like <quote>segmentation fault, core dumped</quote> it's
> most likely got to do with these compiler optimizations. Try lowering
> the optimizing level by changing -O3 to -O2. If that doesn't work try -O
> or leave it out all together. Also try changing the -mcpu and -march
> variables. Compilers are very sensitive to certain hardware too. The
> fact that I don't have any problems compiling everything with -O3 doesn't
> mean you won't have any problems either. Another problem can be the Binutils
> version that's installed on your system which often causes compilation
> problems in Glibc (most noticable in RedHat because RedHat often uses
> beta software which aren't always very stable. <quote>RedHat likes
> living on the bleeding edge, but leaves the bleeding up to you</quote> 
> (quoted from somebody on the lfs-discuss mailinglist).
> </para>
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