how much to ease

Erika Pacholleck Pacholleck.E at
Sun Jul 16 02:27:26 PDT 2000

There are some discussion points which lead into
the topic making things easier, like adding scripts
for tasks, using a package manager ....

Some of you seem to be purists who do just 
everything by hand - that´s ok.
Some others don´t see any reason why not make
life easier - including me. This does not mean
that you don´t know your system. Or would you
like to mknod every dev by hand?

As I did understand the main direction of Gerard
LFS is only the base. And a wholly automated one
will be ALFS.

There are a lot of distributions out there and not
everyone has such a big hd to install all of them
and see the diffs, what advantages and what sucks.
So I personally like it if people in the mailing list 
report of some distributions tranfers to work on lfs.
But this should IMHO go to lfs-apps ?


By the way, Simon where can I get magnets, I also
want to " ... use magnets to align the inodes!" ;-))

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