? about upgrading packages - strategy ?

J.A. Neitzel jan.listbox at belvento.org
Fri Jul 14 13:04:59 PDT 2000

Thanks everyone for offering some insight into how these things
depend upon one another! After reading through this thread I feel
fully informed. I put some description below of the results --v

On Thu, 13 Jul 2000, J.A. Neitzel said this:
> I would like to upgrade the following packages:
> 1. from Binutils (2.9.5.x.x)  to  Binutils (2.10)

All done, no problems!

> 2. from Ncurses (5.0)  to  Ncurses (5.1)

> My LFS works as it stands. I don't want to horribly break
> anything..! ;-)

Nothing got broken, and it still works! :)

After installing the new Binutils (2.10), the GNU version, here is
what I did and the results (all within the chrooted environment):
1. Reinstalled GCC  -->  result = OK
2. Reinstalled binutils again (redundant, i know. but i thought since
   binutils was built against the one, this would be the
   safest thing to do.)  -->  result = OK
3. Reinstalled GCC again (same reason)  -->  result = OK
4. Now, I reinstalled GLIBC (had to use that patch)  -->  result = OK

Wow, too exciting..! ;o Then, I just went on and started rebuilding
most things. Started with NCurses and Bash. Still not done with the
rebuild, but you know I have not seen one error message. I even
rebooted into the system to test things out. Everything seems to
work fine. No seg faults or core dumps. Though, I didn't try to
startx. I tested in runlevel 3, not 5.
J.A. Neitzel
jan at belvento.org
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