? about upgrading packages - strategy ?

Thomas T. Veldhouse veldy at veldy.net
Fri Jul 14 12:13:23 PDT 2000

> OK, now I see what you mean - to rebuild glibc, everything else are just
> implications.
> Fortunately (?) I did not have any execution exceptions so far - that just
> means they would be waiting
> for me down the road - I planned to install emacs ( or xemacs ) in the far
> future.
> So I assume that you got rid of segmentation faults and/or other nasty
> after rebuilding glibc with
> binuitils-2.10.xx suite installed. This is really important to know
> this ( starting all over again )
> is really a pain in the butt and I can talk myself into doing this just
for a
> _good_ reason.

Yes - and actually, I also recompiled emacs.  I have implemented a RPM bases
solution (I wrote my own RPM spec files and made my own RPMS).  I wrote a
script that will go through and build and then install all of my RPMS at any
given time.  This is an easy way to see where failures occur from base

Tom Veldhouse
veldy at veldy.net

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