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Thu Jul 13 03:30:06 PDT 2000

"Walter H. Trent \"Muad'Dib\"" <walter at> wrote:
> Now that i've got all the bugs worked out of my lfs install, i'm
> trying to make it alittle more friendly (hopefully to completely
> replace redhat sometime soon, probably when 2.4 is released).  Anyway,
> a few things i miss from redhat that i'd like to implement on the lfs
> system, on redhat the bash prompt is [user at machine /path]#   On the
> lfs sys it's just bash-2.04#....   The other thing is the way redhat
> (ls) color-codes files by type....  Sorry if these are stupid
> questions; i'm new at this :)  at least the configuration side of
> things

Hi Walter,

>From my /etc/profile (actualy my /etc/bashrc parsed from /etc/profile):

PS1="\h:\w\\$ "
alias ls="ls --color=tty --classify"
alias ll="ls -l"
alias la="ls -a"

If you prefer the redhat usual prompt, try:

PS1="[\u@\h \W]\\$ "


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