sysvinit and boot scripts

Erika Pacholleck Pacholleck.E at
Wed Jul 12 02:25:11 PDT 2000

Gerard Beekmans <-- Mit, 12 Jul 2000 :
> > SNIP
> > Keeps all the stuff under /etc in better order and keeps all your
> > boot stuff in its own little pocket /etc/rc.d . Good for backups
> > too..! Backup those boot scripts! ;-)

With this argumentation you could also put man1-8 into one directory ...
And - what about using a script for backup?

> Certain core elements of the book (including the boot scripts) were
> based on Debian. Where you end up placing your scripts if of course
> entirely up to you. I'll change it if the FHS (File Hierarchie Standard)
> recommends an /etc/rc.d directory.

I am using fhs-2.1 as reference. 
As I was wandering myself how I should order them and
the fhs did not mention them explicitly I guessed this to be
a matter of own decision. (And I hope it stays like this.)
And - not only Debian, also my DLD uses no top /rc.d directory.


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