Great AddUser Script!

Thomas 'Balu' Walter tw at
Wed Jul 12 01:23:03 PDT 2000

+-Ian Chilton-(ian at[11.07.00 22:17]:
> Hello,
> I copied this adduser script from my Slackware 7.0 system, and it works on LFS.
> Insert this into /usr/sbin/adduser, and you're sorted:
> #!/bin/sh

Why do you need such a script, Ian? :)

su-2.04# useradd
usage: useradd	[-u uid [-o]] [-g group] [-G group,...] 
		[-d home] [-s shell] [-c comment] [-m [-k template]]
		[-f inactive] [-e expire ] [-p passwd] name

Or - man useradd.

Using this is much faster than your script :) - and you can even 
set some defaults:

       useradd -D [-g default_group] [-b default_home]
               [-f default_inactive] [-e default_expire_date]
               [-s default_shell]


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