Backuping LFS

J.A. Neitzel jan.listbox at
Tue Jul 11 16:44:13 PDT 2000

someone said this:
> > It would be great if the book would have a section how to
> > backup the complete LFS basic system in such a way,
> > that it would be easy to install it on the same
> > (if you replace the old harddrive by a new one) or another computer 
> > again, without having to pre-install a normal Linux distribution and
> > compiling all sources again.

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On Tue, 11 Jul 2000, Gerard Beekmans said this in return:
> Due to recent changes in immigration procedures I don't have time adding
> a backup section. My primary goal is getting 2.4 ready (2.4 is scheduled
> to be released on Monday August 21st).

And besides... Aren't backup procedures beyond the scope of the
LFS-BOOK? I figure there is enough stuff out there that if a person
wants to know how to do a complete system backup, they should first
check out the very useful stuff at the LDP in the relevant HOWTOs. . Along with the LFS-HOWTO, the
Bootdisk-HOWTO is a good read. I have a working emergency / rescue
LFS System that I put on a ZIP Drive.

Also, any basic Linux Book will give advice on such matters. I
suggest "RUNNING LINUX, Third Edition" (O'Reilly & Associates). IMHO
backup stuff should not be part of the LFS-BOOK.

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