Backuping LFS

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Tue Jul 11 13:32:22 PDT 2000

> It would be great if the book would have a section how to
> backup the complete LFS basic system in such a way,
> that it would be easy to install it on the same
> (if you replace the old harddrive by a new one) or another computer 
> again, without having to pre-install a normal Linux distribution and
> compiling all sources again.
> Especially because i want to create the LFS on a fast Pentium 2 Computer
> with 128MB Ram and install the created LFS on a very slow 486 DX 33 MHz with
> 8 MB Ram where compiling would take too long.

Due to recent changes in immigration procedures I don't have time adding
a backup section. My primary goal is getting 2.4 ready (2.4 is scheduled
to be released on Monday August 21st).
> I was also missing in the basic system a kind of
> packet manager like Red Hat Package Manager or the one
> from Debian.
> With such a tool it would be easier to reinstall a software
> that was before installed and compiled on the LFS system.

LFS-BOOK is about doing it manually, so no use of package managers. You
can of course implement them yourself. Afterall, that's what it is all

The ALFS project is focused on automating LFS installations. A Package
Manager will eventually be needed when the tool developed under that
project is done (but how long it will take is still unknown. It's going
quit slow still. We're still in the initial phases of deciding on things
and figuring out the best ways to deal with certain aspects).

Gerard Beekmans

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