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Filip Joelsson filip at blueturtle.a.se
Mon Jul 10 19:41:48 PDT 2000


I'm currently building a system using the Linux From Scratch book, and
it's loads of fun. I'm definitely a Linux newbie, and I must say that
the book really helps for figuring out how stuff is interconnected, and
what tools are at my disposal.

Now for the "bugs": In version 2.3.5b, Appendix A, the Automake entry,
under 'Contents', it says "The Autoconf package contains the aclocal and
automake programs", that must surely be a typo, right? And under
'aclocal' it says "Automake includes a number of Autoconf macros which
can be used in your package; some of them are actually required by
Automake in certain situations." Isn't the last mention of Automake
supposed to be Autoconf?

I have two suggestion too:
1 Could you perhaps mention in the package listing in the appendix which
packages the current one requires to be installed?

2 I learned the hard way that on one of my computers it's a big deal
where the kernel image is, and it took some time to get it booting
(though I've finally conquered it now :). Could you perhaps mention
about the choice of a boot partition in a future version of LFS? There
may be more people than me who thinks that it's a good idea to do the
experimenting on an old 486... ;)

Anyway, thanks for a great resource! :)

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